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Hello my lovelies and welcome back to another festive post! Something that my parents have done since childhood is gift me a stocking for Christmas. As I’ve gotten older the stocking and the gifts inside have gotten smaller but the sentiment of it to me still remains the same. Stocking gifts are my favourite to open because you never know what you’re gonna get! So it really is a lucky dip and usually in a stocking its either filled with things you really need as an adult, things you didn’t know you needed, or the most random lovely bits and bobs that you didn’t even know existed!

Either way stockings are great and they’re a load of fun to fill with goodies! Continue reading for some stocking gift inspiration!

The stocking!

The stocking in itself is a present and something to be reused again and again for many Christmas’ to come or you can gift it to someone else for Christmas next year! You can buy a fair few incredible stockings now a days in all different colours, patterns, designs, and materials to fit any type of Christmas theme.


I feel like this is a given at Christmas time. Everyone loves receiving tasty treats, whether if it’s chocolates or sweets for you reading, it’s a great add on to complete a gift or add to a stocking. Whether you like milk, dark, or white there is a brand to suit everyone and a flavour to tickle everyone’s taste buds. My favourite chocolates anyway but to receive at Christmas time especially are Terry’s Chocolate Orange (top tier!!!), Ferrero Rocher (the dark choc ones are the best don’t even say they’re not), Monty Bojangles truffles (my favourite for a proper delicious treat), and of course Cadbury’s (a classic).

Mini products!

We all love a mini version of our favourite products! The Body Shop is a great place for mini versions of products as I’m pretty sure they have most of their shower gels and body butters and hand creams and lip scrubs etc in the mini versions. Plus they’re perfect for travelling for the new adventures in the new year.

A game, brain teaser, or puzzle!

Something to do on Christmas morning whilst you’re waiting for the rest of your family to get out of bed or before you have your Christmas dinner in the afternoon. Either way, they’re a fun way to get yourself and your family and friends involved in doing something that isn’t staring at your phone screen or TV screen for half the day. As let’s be honest, we do that a lot on Christmas Day.

A new mug!

If you guys know me well, you know that I adore a mug and receiving a new one as a present is honestly one of my favourite gifts. You can never have enough mugs, but my mum would say otherwise as would our kitchen cupboard, haha!

But there are so many fabulous places that sell mugs: TK Maxx, Wilko, Asda, and there are also some amazing independent sellers on Etsy that also sell mugs. Check out Miss Bohemia as she has every kind of mug for the cosy seasons and they would make a great present.

A new diary or notebook!

If you’re someone who loves keeping organised (to a degree) and writing things down then you would probably love to receive a new diary and/ or notebook in your stocking! This is a gift I wouldn’t necessarily say I want but I would really enjoy and be appreciative if I received one. I love all different kinds of diaries: small thin ones for my handbags, big chunky week to view ones to do all my creative planning in with stickers and all the to do lists you could imagine, and the month to view ones to help me schedule blog and social media content and keep up with what I’m doing for that. So if you enjoy using your pens then a diary and a notebook is a great pressie to open on Christmas Day!

A voucher for your favourite coffee shop!

Another great treat is buying someone a future treat! It’s just a nice way to show you care about someone and that you’re thinking of them. Most cafes and independent cafes offer vouchers these days to go and enjoy a coffee and a tasty treat. I adore receiving anything to do with Costa as a present because you all know how much I adore Costa!

Fairy lights!

You guys know I love a cosy vibe, if you follow my Instagram you know I go to town with all of the fairy lights in my room because I just love it. The ambience they create is just amazing and creating that homely vibe is great idea for anyone’s stocking or general gifting list.

I think Primark are some of the best for fairy lights as they’re always bringing out new ones with new colours and new outer shapes and shells etc. I recently bought some from their Christmas range and they’re battery powered but have a 6 hour timer to come on and off so you don’t even have to click them unless you wanna change the settings and they have over 9 different sequences of lights in one small set which is amazing. Battery powered lights have clearly stepped up a massive game this year as I swear before you only could have different settings and timers on lights powered by the plug socket. But honestly I’m a big fan; mine are in a warm white and they’re gonna be great for all year round. I’m pretty sure they were Β£5 or less too so a great add on.

Underwear, socks, tights etc!

As a child the worst thing to get for Christmas is “practical” things but as an adult it’s the best! I love receiving new underwear and socks in my stocking because as long as they’re the right size you know 100% they’re gonna be used. I genuinely enjoying having a few practical presents every year and I look forward to opening them on Christmas Day every year!

Nail polish!

I get nail polish every year, whether it is in a stocking or not, it’s a classic gift. But they’re the perfect size to fit in any stocking. Plus, I always love updating my collection… I’m running out of space to fit them though (what else is new.)

I’m sure there are lots of other stocking filler gifts that are very popular with you guys that I haven’t said but this small collection are just a few of my favourites. There are also so many gifts you can buy to put in a stocking. I reckon face masks, hand sanitiser, and hand cream sales are gonna go through the roof this Christmas! Comment below if you still have a stocking every Christmas and what gifts do you usually get in there!

Have an amazing lovelies and I will see you back here again for another new post very soon!

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