How to be more involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Cher Belle

The past week has been such an emotionally difficult week to deal with. I never believed that in 2020, we would still be fighting not only for racial equality, but for us not to be killed for simply being black. I am still coming to terms with that and still trying to gather up the strength I need to do my part in trying to make changes in this society. There’s always this narrative of ‘strong black woman’ and it is one that has to come to an end. Black women deserve to simply be women. We deserve moments of weakness when life is overwhelming, moments of fear when we are afraid, moments to cry when the weight of the world is on our shoulders and moments to just be women. To not have to get up everyday and fight. I am tired, I am scared and I am so…

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Published by katieloudoeslife

Hello lovelies, my name is Katie. I'm twenty two and currently trying to figure out my life. Some of you might know me from blogger, but it's a new year, new blog! I'm a university graduate with a degree in drama and theatre studies with a love and passion for all things performing as well as a keen interest in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, nails, home interiors, body positivity, and mindfulness. A lover of coffee, cats, space, mugs, planners, inspirational quotes, astrology, tarot readings, spirituality, reading, and using too many notebooks at once. I hope you find something here to make you feel inspired. Choose joy, be kind. With love & light, Katie ♡

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