LIFESTYLE |It’s Been a Year…

Oh hello, fancy seeing you here. Hey how you doing? Tell me about it, it’s been a year right, I know! It’s been forever, yeah we should have a catch up over a coffee…

You’ve all been here many-a-times with me, where I give you a big long catch up and a whole schpeel about where I’ve been and that I’m gonna make more of an effort to not leave it so long again. I seem to do it every time so I’m not gonna put you through that ordeal again.

I simply haven’t posted in year because I just haven’t wanted to. I’ve been the same with Instagram lately too, I’ve just not been in the mood or the headspace to make the effort. And if any of you have been feeling the same, that’s okay. I think a lot of people have felt the same with creating online because a lot of the algorithm has been ridiculous. Now if you enjoy something you should just simply do it for your love of doing it. But when you’re trying to create things and connect with people, it can be really hard to find motivation when something out of your control is affecting that.

So I’ve decided I’m no longer gonna overthink it with blogging and posting, I’m just gonna do what I want when I want. There’s gonna be no main themes or days for things anymore, posts might be long or short, it could be lifestyle to beauty, fashion or even travel. I’m just gonna do and create what I want when I want and I’m gonna see where it takes me and the blog.

It can feel like the world online is moving at such a fast pace, which it is constantly changing, but it can feel like you’re behind on the times when you still want to do things and post things that used to be popular and people used to connect with a lot. Shoutout to all of us who have been here since the flatlay Insta posts on our bedsheets days. Whereas of course now, quick short videos are more on brand and popular. As even myself, I notice even if I post a photo of me in an outfit posing that performs so much better than a photo of anything else I post 90% of the time. So it can be challenging to keep up with. I do hide my likes on IG these days but as the main user of course I can see how many people have liked it still but sine doing that I have enjoyed the theme of my feed a lot more. My trouble is with IG at the moment, I have so many photos I want to post but I like them to “look right” with the other images surrounding it on the feed. Which I know slightly contradicts what I said above about no more themes but hey it is what it is. I’m not perfect, just a human being. So it is a constant battle with social media these days when it comes to creating and posting and trying to engage with people in a way that they want to engage with. I take my hat off to anyone that does social media as a full time job or even part time as it’s so many things all at once.

Now I don’t wanna claim I wanna post this, that, and the other because whenever I do that I never do or I do bits of it and then lose the motivation for it. But I do have a lot of travel/ exploring based posts that would be nice to share with you all as well as lots of fashion things too. So I shall see what I’m in the mood for.

So that’s it everyone, just wanted to update you all on what’s going on and where were at I guess. I hope you’re all well, let me know below.

Have a wonderful day!

Katie x

Published by katieloudoeslife

Hello lovelies, my name is Katie. I'm twenty two and currently trying to figure out my life. Some of you might know me from blogger, but it's a new year, new blog! I'm a university graduate with a degree in drama and theatre studies with a love and passion for all things performing as well as a keen interest in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, nails, home interiors, body positivity, and mindfulness. A lover of coffee, cats, space, mugs, planners, inspirational quotes, astrology, tarot readings, spirituality, reading, and using too many notebooks at once. I hope you find something here to make you feel inspired. Choose joy, be kind. With love & light, Katie ♡

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